VIDEO: The World’s Biggest Dog Breeds

In any animal species, there will always be monsters that will stand out among the rest because of their impressive size, be it height or weight. Dogs are no exception, varying tremendously in sizes and shapes. There are those cuddly and adorable breeds that can be just carried around in bags, while others are so huge and sturdy that they can likely overpower a full-grown man. Giants among dog breeds can weigh more than a hundred pounds and have faster growth rates than other dogs smaller their sizes.

Surprisingly, the big daddies among dogs are calm and docile despite every inch of their massive built oozing with strength and physical power. They make wonderful pets, are open to training, and are very adaptable to people, even to children. They have loving temperaments and are dependable – the St. Bernard, for example, is regarded as a well-respected hero because of its valuable role in alpine rescue missions.

It stands a fact that being bigger doesn’t necessarily translate to being better, but it does have some obvious benefits. For one, being monstrous in size becomes a remarkable feat for keeping your family and property safe and for hunting games. After all, four-legged giants are certainly intimidating. With such brute strength and sheer size, any burglar would be thinking twice (or even thrice!) first before he would attempt to execute his nasty schemes on your household. Unless the intruder is that thick to underestimate a 100–200-pound dog of course!

Big dogs require less exercise too than most small- and mid-sized dogs would, making them excellent companions of city dwellers or busy people. The Great Dane, however, is characterized with a rather slow metabolism and therefore needs a great deal of exercise to be constantly in shape.

Let’s face it. Big, towering dogs have their own version of charm. Here’s a video by ashergeraldben enumerating a few dogs of colossal frame.

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