VIDEO: How To Teach A Puppy To Sit

The pet teacher Victoria Stilwell demonstrates through a simple 5-minute video by eHowPets the process of training your dog how to sit and shares some essential points worthy to be kept in mind. A few tips mentioned here include ensuring the comfort of your pet with the action of sitting, using a non-slip mat if teaching on a slippery floor, and providing the training in short sessions.

Dogs are lovely and trustworthy comrades, and keeping them as pets not only is pleasurable and relaxing but also is a rewarding experience – wherein the love you give is wholeheartedly being returned to you.

But dog keeping entails a great deal of responsibility from the owner. More than the provision of necessities, pet owners must establish a connection with their dogs. Communication, if I may offer a similar word to that! The “connection” and “communication” we institute with our dogs can serve as the foundation for discipline and training.

Acquiring your first puppy can be very exhilarating! Nothing is more self-satisfying than having an obedient dog whom you can “communicate with.” The time, patience, and effort invested in teaching vital commands to your dog will certainly build up and strengthen the relationship you have with your dog.

Know your dog and ensure that you are getting his attention and not killing him with boredom when teaching a command. It might help you to watch this video a lot to understand the techniques of teaching your buddy how to sit. And remember: enjoying the training experience with your dog is part of the plan too. Don’t be too hard on yourself or on your dog! The key to these things is patience and consistency.

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Do you want the easiest, fastest way to an obedient dog? Watch this video:

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