10 Tips On How To Keep Your Home Safe For Dogs

10 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe For Dogs - WP
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Just like when you have small kids – there are all sorts of additional home safety factors that you have to consider when you have a dog. For example, a dog might attempt to eat or chew all sorts of things that could harm it.

There are the obvious potential problems such as household chemicals, pesticides and so on, but also many other things which are not commonly known to be harmful to a dog – such as certain house plants.

In addition, there are also several other things to be aware of – for example common mistakes such as assuming that a cat flea medicine is ok for dogs. The same applies with foods and even with things like essential oils, many of which should not be used on dogs or cats. It is best to assume that a completely different set of rules apply for cats and dogs.

We found a great page which lists 10 great tips for keeping your home safe for dogs. A few of these were a real surprise. This is valuable information and could save your dog’s life! Be sure to check these out and then follow the guidelines to make your home a safe place for your pet.

Ok, here is the link to the list: http://www.dogster.com/lifestyle/spring-cleaning-10-tips-keep-home-yard-safe-for-dogs

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