Doing THIS Daily Will Eliminate Over 90% Of Dog Behavior Problems

Are you searching for answers on how to control your dog, especially in times of extremely hyper behavior? Have you tried different options but have yet to get the perfect one to properly discipline your dog? You can try various types of solutions but sometimes you can miss out on one simple lesson that your dog can easily master. This one thing can easily solve your dog’s behavior dilemma. No matter what breed of dog you have, the majority of domestic dogs adhere to this simple type of interaction.

You need to understand that dogs tend to become hyperactive because they want to play or engage with you. The best thing is to reciprocate this and give them what they want. That simple solution that lies under your nose is… playing fetch. If you haven’t considered utilizing fetch as a means to discipline your dog, then always keep in mind that this is an effective and strong solution. The main point of playing fetch for disciplinary reasons is that you give your dog what it wants and let it play with you; in return, you tire your dog out and it will eventually stop and rest.

Playing fetch not only helps in disciplining and managing your dog but it also provides additional benefits for your dog’s overall health. The exercise that your dog gets by playing fetch enables it to become more physically active. Take note that your dog needs to have the outlet that it deserves. It gets hyperactive or sometimes destructive because the dog feels that there is a major miscommunication between the two of you. A dog that jumps annoyingly or plays in the garbage regularly, could be demonstrating symptoms of lack of stimulation.

Just walking your dog isn’t quite enough to give it what it really needs. Playing fetch is the answer, especially for high-energy dogs. It’s a very efficient method of getting your dog tired. You can play from half an hour to an hour per day just to get it moving and eventually it will get tired. You can perform this from four to five times a week. Of course you need to consider the weather. During summer or days that are unusually hot, it’s best that you lessen the fetch duration. It is essential that you give your dog some breaks in between, fresh water – and read your dog’s actions before concluding your session.

Dogs can be a nuisance or even destructive if they enter hyperactive mode. Hence, playing fetch is one solution (if not the best) for effectively managing your dog’s behavior. You give it what it wants (attention, exercise and play) and when it gets tired, it reciprocates what you need: A peaceful atmosphere.

Doing This Daily Will Eliminate 90% Of A Dog's Behav-WP
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  1. So true.Our Bandit,an ACD,is very high energy and being involved in daily like on farm/ranch is still not enough to curb that energy. But fetch with frisbee,Big Kong balls or even a horse’s jolly ball will make him happy,content andeventually wore out! The occasional squirrel chase helps too. He has actually been able to catch some squirrels in the chase.He is proud.But squirrels know about him here on farm,they watch for him,seriously,and to like to play with his head jumping from.barn roof to closest oak tree. Just hilarious to watch.

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