How To Stop Your Dog Jumping Up On People (Video Tutorial)

Your dog might just be excited and being a little too friendly – but if he/she jumps up on people and cannot be controlled, it can be a nuisance or possibly even a problem. Some people might just not like having the dog jump up or may even be afraid.

Also, he might have mucky paws, be shedding fur or have sharp claws that can tear clothing or get caught in fabrics – with painful results.

If someone is all dressed up in their finest and the dog jumps up on them, it could annoy them and potentially even damage their clothing – not something you really want to do to your guests! It’s also important to note that some people are nervous of dogs and you shouldn’t allow your dog to frighten people. Just because you know that he “won’t do any harm”, that doesn’t mean that the other person knows. So it’s best to keep the dog under control and make allowances for others’ feelings.

It’s also important to realize that you really can train dogs not to do things like this, that you don’t wish them to do. Many people assume it cannot be done and that it is in a dog’s nature to do certain things – however the reality is that they have not learned how to train the dog in this way.

We found a great tutorial on the subject on Youtube from trainer Eric Letendre. Eric has a whole series of dog training videos on YT and clearly knows his stuff – as they get hundreds of thousands of views and a high ratio of “thumbs up”.

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Do you want the easiest, fastest way to an obedient dog? Watch this video:

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