Leopard And Dog Are Best Friends

This video features the unique friendship of Salati the Leopard and Tommy the Golden Retriever. They are best friends and love chasing each other in the open field! After their exercise, they like to snuggle together to get some rest.

Animals from different species can become friends but this depends on a lot of factors. One is timing: There is a sensitive period for socialization in animals, usually during the earlier stages of their life. The relationships they form during this time will determine who their friends and enemies are in the future. Experts say that the strongest animal bonds form early but their attachment to each other is not (and will never be) set in stone. In the wild, the predator and prey ‘friendship’ is almost like a business arrangement; they only form bonds if it is a mutually beneficial relationship. But in a domestic situation, two animals become friends because of their social bonding instinct.

Dogs seem to get along with any animal and this is because of the traits humans have selectively bred into domestic dogs. They were bred to produce offspring which are very sociable and accepting. But science and psychology aside, there is no denying that there is a certain magic in these special relationships.

Leopard and Dog Are Best Friendsimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUU2EVp1SYc

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