7 Simple Life Hacks for Your Dog

Every dog owner would want to look for ways to simplify the lives of their pets and make things better any time of the year. In this video, the dog owner discusses simple tricks that make simple things enjoyable for his Siberian Husky friend.

According to the owner, his dog loves the new pool that he bought from the supermarket. He filled the pool with ice where his dog can cool down during summer months. Husky’s fur makes them resistant to cold weather. However, the months after spring bring outdoor temperatures which can be dangerous for husky dogs. This simple life hack ensures your dog to be comfortable and safe.

If your dog eats too fast and makes a mess of it, the video suggests putting a ball on the dish. If your dog is smarter enough to remove the ball, you can purchase special bowls which have raised areas in the middle.

Having a dog in the house means more fur on the couch or sofa. The cheapest way to remove pet hair from the furniture is offered by the video. Wear the rubber gloves then run your hand over the surface to attract hair. If you don’t have rubber gloves, the video suggests using a wide, spatula-like fur remover.

A doggie bed can cost a small fortune. In the video, instructions are offered on making a do-it-yourself doggie bed made of an old hoodie jacket, used cloth, and a foam tube. Insert the foam tube into the jacket’s sleeve on one side and let it slips through the collar to enter the other sleeve. Then place a piece of cloth inside the jacket’s bodice to make the doggie bed soft. Connect the both ends of the foam tube using a duct tape.

The video also discourages dog owners to consider two life hacks which it considers as dumb ideas. One is about putting dog treats in pieces of clothes and inserting them into a ball with holes in it. According to the video, the dog might end up eating the clothes instead of the treats. Another life hack that the video does not approve of is putting squeaky toys in a sock which the dog can play with. This is not a good idea, says the video, for the dog might also end up munching the sock.

The last life hack in the video is helpful when you don’t have pockets and you are out with your dog on the beach or somewhere. You can put the keys on your dog’s collar while you and your pet are out and about.

7 Simple Life Hacks For Your Dog
images – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29iVnf5ja5c

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