How To Teach Your Dog A Fun Searching Game

This video discusses a trick that is mentally engaging for your dog – searching for items or objects. This trick can be a fun game for any dog that likes to retrieve. It is an enjoyable activity that you and your pet can do together. In the video, the dog owner teaches her dog to search for a treat around the house, with the pet relying on his sense of smell. The activity is divided into three levels, with increasing difficulty for each.

In the first level, the dog owner uses a treat that the dog has chewed on. Then, she allows the dog to smell the treat and let him watch while she places the treat somewhere close by. The dog obviously gets the treat since he knows the treat’s location.

The next level requires you to repeat the previous steps by putting the treat in different part of the room until your dog retrieves back the treat. Your dog needs to master the first two levels before you proceed the session to the most difficult level.

Teaching this trick requires patience on your part. Not all dogs can easily grasp the trick.
The third level of this training is the most challenging. Call your dog to move to another part of the room and make him sit there. Then, hide the treat at the area where you previously hid it. It is important to use the same areas at first so it will be easier for your dog to find it once you called him.

Again, you need to repeat this part of the training so your dog will be conditioned to the activity. If your dog is uncontrollable and does not stay very well, you can ask somebody to hold your dog on a leash before you call your pet out.

The real challenge of this activity requires you to put your dog in another room and to tell him to stay while you place the object in a different area. When the dog is perfectly sitting at another room, call him to search for the hidden treat. If your dog successfully retrieves the treat, reward him with more treats.

The scent of the treat enables your dog to find even if it is hidden somewhere. Your dog uses his nose to sniff at the wind which brings the scent of the treat. This training session should be conducted slowly. The most important aspect of this activity is that your dog is having fun and so as you.

How To Teach Your Dog A Fun Searching Game
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