How To Teach Your Dog To Jump Into Your Arms

This video discusses how to teach your dog to jump in your arms. Celebrity dog trainer Andrea Arden offers detailed instructions on how to impart this trick in three ways before gaining the desired goal. Before starting the tutorial, Arden advises dog owners to consult with a veterinarian first to ensure that the trick is suitable for their pet. This trick enhances trust in the relationship between the owners and their dogs.

According to Arden, this trick requires small, approximated steps. You can begin small to build the ability of the dog to jump in your arms. In the dog training world, this is called shaping which consists of small steps before achieving the final result or behavior.

For this trick, you can start by being on the ground or sitting on a chair, depending on the size of your dog. In the video, Arden encourages her dog to jump by simply clapping and raising the canine’s excitement. She mentions the verbal cue “Come Nora” and praises (Good girl!) the dog after she accomplishes the task. She also recommends giving the dog some treat if he or she does the trick.

Next, Arden removes the chair and raises herself a little bit off the ground. For this level, you need to keep one knee in front to give your dog a sort of launch pad when he is jumping up. Your knee serves as a plank to protect your dog from slipping as he lunges toward you.

Then, Arden again raises her body a little bit higher but still maintains the knee’s position. She orders Nora to jump but she leans her body backward, giving the dog a wider plank to climb up.

The last part of the tutorial is the main goal of the shaping method. In this level, Arden is standing completely upright with her leg out a little bit to give Nora a brace. She then calls Nora to jump into her waiting arms to catch her.

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