Adorable Foster Kitten Plays With Two Dalmatians

Meet Uno, a 5-week-old kitten fearlessly playing with two much larger Dalmatians, Louie and Lady. Uno may be small and young but he has lots of spunk! The Dalmatians appear to adore him to bits.

The Dalmatian is probably one of the most recognized breeds on the planet and we have the movies to thank for that. These dogs are high-spirited and very playful while sporting a regal appearance. Here are some facts about this famous breed:

1. The Dalmatian is an old breed and no one is sure where these dogs originated. They obtained their name during their stay in Dalmatia, a province on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea.

2. They are best known for their skills as coaching dogs: They were originally bred to run alongside carriages and horseback riders for miles to discourage other animals from interfering with the horses. Because of their coaching heritage, they are “built to run” and need loads of exercise to avoid unruly behavior.

3. They have spots EVERYWHERE! If you open a Dalmatian’s mouth, you will even see spots there. However, all of them are born pure white. The spots generally show up when the pups are about four weeks old.

4. They are also known to have been trained as firehouse dogs – where they watch the equipment during a fire and sometimes get involve in the rescue of people from burning buildings.

5. They have a lot of nicknames; English Coach Dogs, Carriage Dogs, Plum Pudding Dogs and Fire House Dogs are just a few.

Adorable Foster Kitten Plays With Two Dalmatiansimage ©

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