English Bulldog Puppies With Crazy Mama

This video features four Bulldog puppies which are sprawled on the carpet feeling relaxed, except for one which seems to be whining and becoming restless.

At one point the noisy puppy gets near the camera and looks very curious. From the background, the mama Bulldog is suddenly seen running from a room and going out of the house. A voice on the background tells the puppies that it’s their crazy mama and laughs. The puppies continue to lie on the carpet while the restless puppy continues to whine. The puppies look so cute!

Here are some amazing facts about English Bulldogs:

1. They are one of the most amiable dog breeds despite their dour looks. They are sweet-natured and dependable pets.

2. Their puppies are frisky but the adults tend to be quiet.

3. Generally, English bulldogs have a dignified demeanor and they are resolute and courageous.

4. This dog breed is usually peaceful with other pets and it’s difficult to change their minds if they have decided on something.

5. They are not the barking kind of dogs but they can still be watchdogs because of their blocky build and their shuffling gait that can scare away intruders.

6. They are surprisingly sensitive, respond well to training (especially if food motivation is used) and remember what they learn easily.

English Bulldog Puppies With Crazy Mamaimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V7ehnWSUTs

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