All About Circovirus: At Least 4 Dogs Died From This

All About Circovirus- At Least 4 Dogs Died From This - WP

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A few months ago, alarming news about dogs in Michigan, California, and Ohio have surfaced which caused more fears to dog owners. Many dogs in the reported areas either died or suffered from an illness that bring about a number of symptoms. The possible culprit? Circovirus.

Circovirus is not at all new. It has been identified more than three decades ago, but only in pigs and birds. It was only until June 2012 when a dog has been reported to have been infected by this virus. Until today, it is yet not clear how canines acquire this virus. In general, it is believed to spread through a direct contact with the infected dogs, as well as through the secretion of body fluids such as saliva, stool, nasal secretions, or vomit.

Research shows that infections caused by circovirus usually come with a number clinical signs which include vomiting, lethargy, neurological problems, loss of appetite, and bloody diarrhea. However, it should be noted that the presence of these signs does not necessarily mean that your dog is infected by circovirus. [1] Other clinical signs reported include reduced water consumption, pale pink tongue and gums, as well as vasculitis. [2]

Today, no evidence has been found about the transmission of virus from dogs to their owners. [3] However, there is no known vaccine for canine circovirus. As news about the circovirus attacking canines continue to surface, dog owners can only do certain measures to prevent occurrence of symptoms associated with this virus, instead of finding ways to treat the condition. When diarrhea and vomiting occurred, whether it is caused by circovirus or any other virus, seeking immediate help from your veterinary is highly advised as this condition can lead to death.

Maintaining a good hygiene and sanitation at home is one of the keys. Disinfecting areas where your dog also helps. Monitor your dog regularly and check for any presence of symptoms. [4] Sending your dogs to veterinarians is also beneficial in helping your dog achieve better health and nutrition which eventually will lead to an optimum immune system. [5]

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