Top 6 Tips For A Dog Friendly Garden

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Who says a green-thumbed enthusiast and an avid dog owner can’t be rolled into one? 😉 But sometimes it can be a ruckus once your dog gets his paws on your seedbed and his teeth into some of your precious herbs. According to your dog’s dictionary, it is called ‘play’; according to your dictionary, it is called a ‘mess’. As soon as you are done with cleaning the garden after your dog’s ‘playful wreck’, you can’t help but scratch the back of your head or rub your neck from behind in frustration that you need to go back to square one and start tilling the soil again and plant the seeds. And here you are, looking forward to a bounty of produce, herbs, or flowers just before you had realized you had left your house’s door open and let your dog run into your perfect garden.

But don’t get the wrong idea. Your passion for a lawn with an emerald-green lush carpet or a vegetable garden overflowing with healthy plants can still coincide with your love for canine companions. Several gardeners can surely attest to that. It just takes some well-thought measures and creative ideas to a) protect your garden from your exuberant dogs and b) protect your dogs from the garden – because some plants are toxic to dogs!

The seedling area of your vegetable garden, for instance, will surely appreciate low fences to guard the plants. If you have been a dog owner for some time now, you know how smart dogs can be, especially with the right motivation. Try to assess your fence occasionally to check if your dog hasn’t dug a route toward your garden. For your flower beds, consider raised beds or hanging baskets. Large pots for flowers work too and are guaranteed to be paw-proof. And if your dog likes to chew on random plants, you’d best be sure that you are growing things that are safe for them.

Having a dog and a garden can be a challenge, but once you learn the tricks on creating a dog-friendly garden, it will just make your gardening experience more satisfying and rewarding.

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