DIY Handmade Dog Bed Without Sewing

Dog beds are readily available in most stores, but can get expensive. This video by Charisse Eaves (Whimsymachegirl) will show you how to create a handmade dog bed without the need for sewing. Yes, that’s right! You don’t have to sew!

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog will be able to learn how to sleep on his own bed? Letting your pet sleep on your bed can be a bit unhygienic. Remember that dogs run around in different places where it can get really dirty and icky. Also, letting them sleep on your bed can be a sign that they are on the same level as you are which means that that they can dominate you. This makes them more prone to having unruly behaviors.

Place the dog bed in an area where it’s comfortable for your dog to sleep in. Don’t put him in a room where there’s a lot going on. Also, when it comes to choosing the right bed, take note of the size of your pet as well as its needs so that you can have one that’s perfect for him to sleep in.

It may take a while for your dog to learn how to sleep in his own bed so you have to do positive reinforcement. Practice patience with this so that your pet won’t feel negatively about it. The more you force him, the harder it is for you to teach him. You can use the clicker technique for this. If he does it right, give him a treat or a praise. Pretty soon, your pet will be able to sleep on his own bed and you will have YOUR bed all by yourself!

Now, if your pet still jumps on your bed out of habit, give him a reprimand. Use the word “off” if you want him to get out. Never use its name or else it will be confused. Establish the fact that you’re the pack leader. Give him praise and affection as a form of positive reinforcement. As usual, repeat the same steps until your dog is able to take the hint.

Once your dog finally learns how to stay out of your bed, give him a really nice one to sleep in. Most of you might think that it’s difficult to make a dog bed, but this video tutorial will teach you how to do it without the need for sewing. Fleece is a good material to work with because it’s soft and warm.

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