Amazing Cute Dog Tricks With Tiny Dog Misa Minnie

The video features Misa Minnie a Yorkshire Terrier who just excels in performing dog tricks! According to her owner, she was trained with positive reinforcement and lots of treats. She currently lives in California and is an official Therapy Dog for children and people in hospice.

Yorkshire Terriers are small in size but big in personality. They are affectionate towards their owners but can be highly suspicious of strangers and will bark at any strange sounds. As a result, they can be very yappy but early and consistent training can help minimize this behavior.

Here are some facts about the breed:

1. War hero – When American soldier Bill Wynne found a Yorkshire terrier in a foxhole during WWII, he named her Smoky and took her in. Smoky soon began helping with war efforts and also toured hospitals working as a therapy dog for wounded soldiers.

2. Hair not fur – They have hair like humans and they don’t shed like most dogs. If left unattended, their hair will keep on growing and can grow up to two feet long!

3. Father Ben – A Yorkie named Huddersfield Ben is considered by most as the father of the breed. He lived for only six years but won more than 70 prizes and sired many Yorkies, laying the foundation for the breed.

4. Larger than life – Yorkies are small dogs but they seem to not know that. The dogs have absolutely no problem taking on animals (sometimes people) 10 times bigger than them!

5. Name change – When the breed arrived in England, they were known as the broken-haired Scotch terriers. However almost a decade later, reporter Angus Sutherland stated there should be a name change because he believed that although the dogs originated from Scotland, they weren’t considered perfected until coming to Yorkshire, England. Many people seem to agree with him because in 1870, the breed’s name was officially changed to Yorkshire Terrier.

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