Cat vs. Dog – A Trick Contest

This video features Nana, the Border Collie and Kaiser, the Bengal Cat competing for who does the best tricks. Both animals are so good! The competition is fierce and close, I can’t even decide who wins. According to their owner, all tricks were taught using positive reinforcement and clicker training. Nana and Kaiser just nailed every trick!

Experts often say that cats are harder to train than dogs. So seeing Kaiser do a great job in the video means that his owner really invested a lot of time and effort in training him. But why are cats harder to train than dogs? The reason actually has less to do with intelligence or evolution, and more to do with motivation.

Dogs are straightforward to train because not only is it easy to get their attention but they’re extremely motivated by food. Sometimes affection or a good belly rub can be more than enough motivation for dogs. However, most cats aren’t so obsessed with food or affection from their owners. Cats are also extremely wise about not spending a lot of their energy. Unlike dogs who want to play endlessly, cats avoid situations where they tire themselves out. This means that they do not respond well to training if you are demanding too much from them.

But training cats is not impossible – though it will take a lot of persistence and patience.

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