Best Toy Poodle Tricks!!!

This video features Inji, a Toy Poodle who shows how good she is at doing tricks. She looks so cute when she played the piano and the guitar! She also likes to dance and shows off some of her moves. Inji is truly amazing.

Poodles are often associated with wealth and style but they were originally bred to be working dogs. They were used by hunters to retrieve game from the water and were even called ‘duck dogs’ once.

They are the only dog breed that comes in three sizes: standard, miniature and toy. These terms only describe their size and they are all considered to be one breed by the American Kennel Club. Back then, the standard (larger) sized Poodles were used for hunting; the miniature sized were used to sniff out truffles in the woods and the toy variety served as companion dogs to nobility and wealthy merchant class.

This intelligent breed learns quickly. They are good with activities related to agility and obedience and they are eager to learn new tricks. This is the reason why Poodles used to be popular circus performers. Despite their regal appearance, Poodles love to play games of any kind; they are not prissy – contrary to popular belief.

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