Bulldogs Are Awesome Compilation

This is a totally hilarious video that features adorable Bulldogs. It can be seen that despite their rather ferocious looks, they can be really funny, adorable and silly.

For me, the best part of this video was when a bulldog was sleeping on a sofa with its four feet up in the air. It just looked so peaceful and comfortable in the sofa and was sleeping so soundly looking so precious! A bulldog pushing a ball from its face was also one of the funniest parts of the video. While the dog patiently pushes the ball away from its face, the ball keeps on coming back to it. The dog appears unfazed and continued to do the pushing by sticking out its tongue.

This funny video has been viewed millions times and viewers definitely adore the fun antics of bulldogs.

Did you know?

1. Most bulldogs can’t swim. So if you want to bring your pup to the pool, bring a doggie life jacket so he or she can enjoy the water as well.

2. The bulldog’s large head makes it difficult to deliver him by natural birth. So, most of them are delivered by caesarean section.

3. Bulldogs slobber, snort, snore, and get gassy a lot. That’s just part of their charm!

4. Bulldogs don’t like being pinched, teased, or yelled at. Well who would? But the point is, if you have kids, teach them to play nice and the dogs will be loving and wonderful companions for them.

Bulldogs Are Awesome Compilationimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGJxDlYHC-s

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