Cute Husky Says No To Kennel

This video shows Blaze, an 11-month old Siberian Husky being coaxed by its owner that it was time to go to the kennel. The dog firmly answered “No”, and it says the word quite clearly. The owner continued to tell the dog that it should go to the kennel and for several times, the dog repeatedly answered its owner “No” as he lies on the floor refusing to move. I guess Blaze likes his freedom a bit too much.

Huskies seem to have more complex vocal cords or at least more control over their vocal cords when compared to other dogs. There are several videos of huskies “talking”. This video has gained over two million views and this dog is definitely a star.

Blaze is a Siberian Husky and here are some amazing facts about the breed:

1. Huskies are closely related to wolves, which are referred to as their wild cousins.

2. Huskies are known as escape artists and they love to explore. They are also capable of digging under fences and can easily slip from their leashes.

3. These dogs are born runners and are referred to as the ideal sled dogs. They have a high tolerance for cold temperatures, too.

4. Huskies have piercing blue eyes that make them distinct.

5. They are not great watchdogs as they tend to be friendly even toward strangers.

6. Huskies can run long distances without getting fatigued and even with very little food. They burn a lot of calories yet don’t use up energy stored because they regulate their metabolism.

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