Cute Puppy Shower – Rescued Pup Enjoys Bath Time

This adorable video shows a chubby puppy being given a bath. The little guy seems to be really enjoying the bath, with the water falling onto his tummy. The picture of true bliss!

According to the narration, he is a rescued puppy and was found abandoned in a dumpster and the girl who was documenting the video was among the volunteers who helped in the rescue. The viewers can clearly see the contentment in the puppy’s face as it was given a bath and almost seems like it is about to fall asleep despite being wet. He was then toweled dry and the puppy doesn’t seem to mind at all, even letting out a contented yawn.

Planning to adopt or take care of a puppy at home? Here are some basic tips that can help you get started:

1. Be sure that the puppy you choose is well-suited for you, your family and environment. Check if its coat is suited for your climate, if its size is suitable to your home/ apartment and if its energy level will suit the amount of exercise you can provide.

2. Provide space for the puppy. Keep it near the kitchen or a bathroom where floors are washable. Also be sure to keep it in a comfortable crate near your bedroom.

3. Choose the right puppy treats and give it soft and chewable toys to play with.

4. Ensure that the puppy is regularly bathed, groomed and is always well-fed. See to it that your pup is comfortable, pet him often and have him checked by the veterinarian on a regular basis.

5. Puppy-proof your home. This means you have to keep toxic materials as well as breakable things safely away.

Cute Puppy Shower Rescued Pup Enjoys Bath Timeimage ©

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