Dogs Vs. Stairs

This video features dogs who can’t seem to figure out stairs. Dogs are recognized as intelligent creatures, but sometimes, when there is a staircase involved, it seems like they forget how to walk. Some are able to come up with unique ways to go up and down the stairs – very hilarious!

To several dogs, especially for the smaller breeds, going down a flight of stairs is like climbing down a mountain. For some dogs, it is a legitimate phobia that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. They develop this fear because of the lack of early exposure but in some instances, a dog may develop a fear of stairs due to a traumatic experience.

If you are an owner of a dog which has this fear, never force it to go down or up the stairs. Don’t push or pull because it will only resist and get more scared. Do the following to help your dog overcome its fear of stairs:

1. Talk to the vet first to determine if your dog has a medical condition. If it has arthritis, elbow or hip dysplasia, disc disease, or muscular weakness, climbing up or down the stairs will be an extremely difficult task and may need to be avoided.

2. Pick a good training time. Avoid training your dog if it would rather be out for a walk, is overly tired, or needs to eat. Your dog will be more receptive to training if you choose a time when it is relaxed and in a good mood.

3. Take it one step at a time. An entire staircase might be too much for your dog to handle so practice with one step until it is comfortable. Then move one more step and lure it down with treats. In this manner, you should be able to gradually get your dog comfortable with navigating the stairs.

4. Reward your dog’s efforts and encourage small improvements by giving treats and showering it with affection. You should be helping your dog build positive associations with the stairs to reduce its anxiety.

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