Dog Breeds 101: Alpine Dachsbracke

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The Alpine Dachsbracke is a working dog commonly used as a tracking hound for wounded deer and also a scenthound for small game. These dogs are short-legged, sturdily built with strong muscles and are popular for their fearless nature. They have a thick coat which effectively protects them from the elements. The Alpine Dachsbracke slightly resembles the Dachshund because both breeds sport short legs and a long body. [1]

The breed was created during the 19th century in the mountains of Austria by mixing larger Austrian hounds with the Dachshund. The hunters were able to create a dog breed that was not only able to track and hunt small animals but also placid enough to bring the wounded game back to its masters without causing it further harm. The Alpine Dachsbracke was recognized as an official breed in Austria in 1932, and today it is still more commonly kept as a hunting dog than as a family pet. [2] In the United States, the Alpine Dachsbracke is a rare and unfamiliar breed. However, its temperament would make it an Old World variation of today’s Beagle. [3]

The dogs are also able to provide amusement and entertainment to their owners even though they were bred to be hunters. They are known to be loyal, dedicated and trustworthy and these qualities makes them excellent companions. They are respectful to all members of their family and they are good with children. Although they are exceptionally sociable and friendly, they can still be reserved with strangers. Alpine Dachsbracke dogs can be somewhat yappy and quick to raise the alarm when they notice even the slightest disturbance. [1] In a household setting, the breed is noted for being moderately inactive. This makes them suitable for apartments and small houses but they still need to plenty of exercise because they are prone to obesity. [3]

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