Dog Breeds 101: American Hairless Terrier

Dog Breeds 101 – American Hairless Terrier - WP
Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

The American Hairless Terrier was first developed in the Trout, Louisiana in the 1970s. The breed is exclusively descended from Rat Terriers and was not fully separated from that breed until 2004. This lively, intelligent and affectionate dog is rapidly increasing in popularity because many believe that it is the perfect pet for people who suffer from allergies due to its hairless trait. [1]

Its origins began in 1972, when a hairless female puppy was born in a Rat Terrier litter owned by Edwin and Willie Scott. This puppy, named Josephine, went on to become the mother of the Hairless Terrier breed. When she reached maturity, she was bred to Rat Terriers in the hopes of producing a hairless pup like her. It was only during her 9th litter that she produced two hairless puppies, one of each sex. The two puppies became the foundation on which the American Hairless Terrier was developed as a breed. [2]

These dogs are described to be graceful and elegant but also strong and athletic. Just like their terrier cousins, they like participating in games, to dig yards and to chase small animals. However, they are not good swimmers and should be monitored when around water. They have strong hunting instincts due to their ancestry but their lack of coat makes them unideal candidates for hunting companions due to their unprotected skin. [3] They should also be applied with sunscreen if they’re going to be out in the sun. In colder weather, they should have a sweater to help them keep warm.

The athletic American Hairless Terrier requires significant amounts of exercise to keep it satisfied. They can turn destructive or develop behavioral problems when they are deprived of an outlet to release their energy. People should not purchase these dogs if they cannot commit in taking them on a long walk every day. [2]

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