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The obedient and energetic Ariege Pointer is a popular hunting companion which excels in tracking and retrieving small game. They are classified as pointing dogs because they hunt using scent using their muzzle to “point” towards the prey. Aside from their superb hunting abilities, they are also great swimmers, thus they are also good in retrieving game from water. The breed is popular in France, where it originated, but still remains rare outside the country today. [1]

The Ariege Pointer is skinny and slender with a short and dense coat which usually comes in the colors of pure white, sable, light brown, white with large patches of tan and brown and black. It has droopy ears and a hound-like face making it look like a Basset Hound. [2]

The breed was developed by Braqque Saint-Germain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The dogs were exclusively developed in the Pyreness Mountains and foothills of Southern France, particularly the region of Ariege – their place of origin became the breed’s name. Despite their popularity, the dogs almost disappeared after World War II. In 1990, a team of breeders began to take some steps in ensuring the survival of the breed. Mr. Alain Deteix headed those efforts and wholeheartedly devoted himself to revive the Ariege Pointer to its former glory. Their efforts were highly successful. [3]

The Ariege Pointer is best known for its energetic nature and usually thrives on human attention. It is known to be highly intelligent but can be quite stubborn and independent. That’s why training this breed can be difficult. As pets, they are not suited for a full-time indoor living. They love the outdoors and should be taken out for walks regularly. These dogs are loyal, obedient, affectionate and loving to their families. This breed has an average life span of 10 to 18 years. [1]

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