Dog Breeds 101: Armant

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Armants, in general, are delightful dogs who are always lively, entertaining and loyal. They crave for constant love and attention from their families. They are very intelligent by nature and can learn new behaviors quickly. They bond well with other animals and are very good with children. [1]

When fully grown, the Armant can be as heavy as 50 to 65 pounds. Its long, shaggy hair comes in a variety of colors including gray, black and tan and black and brown. The triangular ears can either be held high or dropped; the eyes are always dark of color; the tail is curled and the body is generally muscular. It is not advised to leave them alone for long periods of time because they tend to become destructive. [2] Since this is a dog bred to work tirelessly all day, the Armant needs a substantial amount of exercise to keep it satisfied – an hour a day is recommended. Armants that don’t get the needed exercise will most certainly develop behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, excessive barking, nervousness and aggression. [3]

The Armant was developed almost exclusively as a working dog in rural areas but nothing is known for sure about the breed’s origins. All that is known for certain is that the breed was developed in Egypt prior to 1900. The breed is named after the village of Armant and it is possible that the dog originated there, though there is no solid evidence to support this. The Armant is most certainly the result of crossing many different breeds together over time. Although it is unclear when the Armant took its modern form, all evidence point to it being a fully developed breed no later than the end of the 19th century. [3]

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