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Leggy with its skin tight all over its body, the Azawakh sighthound has an air of fineness and elegance about it. This smooth-coated dog is a hunter, a guardian and a companion rolled into one. [1]

The Azawakh comes from the Sahel region of Africa, particularly the Azawakh valley where the breed got its name. It is believed that the dogs were the companions of the wandering Toureg people where they served as hunting and guard dogs, sharing the tents with their humans. Aside from this, little is known about how they developed to be the Azawakh we know today. The first Azawakhs were brought to the United States in the 1980s and the breed was officially recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1993. [2]

The Azawakh is a sighthound, which means that it gets attracted to anything that runs and are likely to chase after small animals and even running children. However, this also makes them great companions for bikers and joggers. They are very active outdoors but once they are inside the house, they are just content to snooze on the couch. These dogs love running so their ideal home should be anywhere with a large yard or nearby a fenced park. It is recommended to let them exercise for 30 minutes a day. These dogs have a short coat and so they are not well protected from the elements. Owners are advised to dress them in sweaters before heading out in cold weather. [3] The Azwakh is pack oriented and these dogs form complex social hierarchies. They have incredible memories and it is said that they will be able to recognize each other even after being separated for a long time. They crave the presence of other breed members and can often be found sleeping on top of each other for companionship. [4]

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