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Known for its dense and curly coat, the rare Barbet is truly a sight to behold. Originating in France, this water dog stands proud and strong but also very friendly and fun-loving. For people who are looking for the perfect family pet, the Barbet is an ideal candidate. [1]

Barbets look as if they have beards, in fact, the breed’s name comes from the French word ‘barb’ which means ‘bearded’ and it is believed that they are the relative of the Poodle and Briard. These dogs have been around for a long time since the first written reference of the breed dates back to 1387. They were bred to be water retrievers for royalty and commoner alike. Their thick coat is waterproof and it helped them gain the reputation of being able to swim even in the chilliest waters. [2]

This medium-sized dog is covered in a long coat of curly or wavy fur. Its head is large and slightly rounded; the muzzle is medium in length; the nose is round and tail is slightly curled. The Barbet has webbed paws which makes it an excellent swimmer. It is very nimble and agile even if it doesn’t look like it. It loves to be with its human family and is suited to living in place where there is a large, fenced yard. It still can handle living in an apartment as long as its exercise requirements are met. The Barbet loves splashing around in water and someone who lives near a lake or stream would be its ideal owner. [3]

These dogs are known to have a goofy personality. They’d be sitting calmly at one moment then playing in the mud the next. Due to their companionable nature, they are perfect pets for seniors and families with children. Barbets form a strong bond with their humans and will want to be part of every family activity. [1]

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