How To Motivate Your Dog To Listen

Are you having a hard time getting your dog to listen to you? In this video, a dog trainer teaches us how to motivate our dogs to pay attention when we train them.

No matter whether you are training a simple or a complex trick to your dog, you must instill in your mind and your dog’s understanding that you are training him not because he is obligated to do it, but because he just simply wants to do it.

Food is the strongest motivation you can offer to get your dog into training. Although there are other forms of motivators like praising or petting the dog, it’s easier to reward a dog with a food when he responds to you. And if you have food, you will very likely have their attention.

The next question would be, what kind of food would be best as treats or rewards? When you visit a pet store, you’ll find a variety of food or treats that will surely be loved by your dog. You will see many professional trainers using very small-sized rewards. This is probably the best because you will not be overfeeding your dog while being generous to him. You will also be able to maintain a continuous flow of your training.

Timing and consistency is the two most important factors to a successful training. If you need to use clickers, then it is typically done by using the clicker followed by a food reward.

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Do you want the easiest, fastest way to an obedient dog? Watch this video:

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