Boxer Excited To Go For A Walk, Goes Crazy!

You’re going to love this video, have you ever seen a dog “lose it” with excitement like this Boxer? 🙂 Imagine the scene… you pick up the dog leash from the drawer with a stroll around the neighborhood in mind, and boom…

…There goes your pooch, hyped up to place its paws on the outside ground at the mere sight of the leash, ready to chase whatever squirrel or mouse that may appear on its way. Your dog exudes energy as if it had drunk two cans of energy drinks and persistently jumps near your doorway for a walk, running back and forth, playfully slamming its body against your legs, and whining excitedly. For a second, you appear to see the resemblance between your dog’s crazed exhilaration and that of Looney Tunes’ Tasmanian Devil (“Taz”).

While being super-happy for a walk is not a bad thing, over-excitement can become problematic. It can cloud your dog’s senses to listen and respond to your verbal commands. It might even turn attaching the leash into a hassle. Worse, an overly excited pooch can be out of control and can leap around like crazy.

Dogs have an uncanny but intuitive ability to pick up the emotions and feelings of their masters. This is probably why dog lovers care so much for their dogs: when we are glad, our dogs share with us our joy; when we are down, our dogs are sympathetic, silently supporting us. The same goes for excitement. When we are on the edge of so much excitement, most likely speaking with a high-pitched voice, our dog assimilates our thrill.

So if your dog is over-the-top, some skilled training will be required. A firm leadership without the use of yelling but rather a calm, low voice to direct and guide your dog and help him slow down works wonders. Walk your dog for several minutes too to allow him to use up all his pent-up energy. Do not pay attention to him when he gets overly excited to send your message that there’s no reward for his behavior.

Boxer Excited To Go For A Walk, Goes Crazy - WP
Boxer Excited To Go For A Walk, Goes Crazy
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