Dog Imitates Baby

This is an adorable video of a Siberian Husky imitating baby babble. It seems like the two are having a conversation and they can understand each other. The two look so precious!

Dogs are good at imitating human sounds. There are some cases where dogs seem to speak words and phrases like ‘Hello’, ‘I love you’ and ‘I want it’. Experts refer to this as intelligent imitation. An owner hears a dog making a sound that resembles a phrase, says the phrase back to the dog, who then repeats the sound (as best they can) and is rewarded with a treat. Eventually the dog learns a modified version of the original sound. It turns out that canine and human vocalizations follow certain similarities of acoustic patterns. High-pitched tones convey friendliness whereas low-pitched tones convey aggression. This is why there is a form of communication between the two species and this similarity is also the reason why dogs are able to imitate human words.

But again this is just imitation for the dog’s part. When a dog says ‘I love you’ to its owner, it doesn’t understand what the phrase means.

Physical gestures and habitual daily routines, as well as words, play an important role in a canine communication. Volume and voice tone also matter. Even if you say ‘Bad dog’ but you do so in a sing-song voice with a smile on your face, chances are your pet will read it as praise.

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