Dog Breeds 101: Aidi

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Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

The Aidi is a dual purpose breed of dog that originated in Morocco. These dogs were used as flock guardians and as hunting partners of the Sloughi – another dog breed usually used in hunting small game which is popular for their speed. Aidis are not that fast but they have excellent scenting abilities and that is why they get partnered with Sloughis which would chase the prey that they located by scent. [1]

Aside from their top-notch scenting ability, they are also popular for their sturdy build and amazing strength. They are often described to be muscular without any heaviness. Their thick coat is an effective protection from the sun and cold weather. Aside from that, their coat also serves as an armor in their fights against the predators that attack their flocks. They are lively dogs and always ready to fulfill their duties as flock guardians. [2]

The origins of the breed is still unknown but many believe that the Phoenicians were responsible of creating the Aidi breed. They are also credited with having developed other dog breeds such as the Basenji, Ibizan Hound and Cretan Hound. Others also believe that the Aidi was developed in the Atlas Mountains; a mountain range extending 1500 miles across northern Africa, that’s why the Aidi is also referred to as the Atlas Mountain Dog. [1]

In order to prevent behavioral problems from developing, the Aidi should be provided intensive obedience training from early on. Because of this, this breed is not recommended for first time dog owners; ideally, the owner should be someone who has experience with dogs. With the right person, it will respond well to training. Socialization is also needed so they won’t have any problems in interacting with people. This breed is definitely not for people who live in apartments because the Aidi doesn’t handle confined spaces really well. [3]

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