Elvis The Bulldog Puppy Reads His Mom The Riot Act

This is a very cute video of a mama Bulldog and her puppy named Elvis. One can see that the puppy is still very tiny and can’t even walk properly. He seems very active and energetic, though, as he tries to engage his mama into playing with him. The mama Bulldog was very careful not to nudge the puppy too hard as his feet were still very wobbly! Viewers can see the very protective instinct of the mama Bulldog as she tried to assist her puppy in walking. The mama dog was also very loving to Elvis and seemed to spoil him by constantly licking him. It’s just so adorable!

If a prize were to be awarded for companionship among dog breeds, the bulldog would definitely win the gold. They will do anything to make you laugh, and they are wonderful with children and the elderly. They are very sensitive to their owner’s mood: If their owner is happy, they will become perky as well. On the other hand, if the owner is feeling down, bulldogs will be feeling distressed too. Most bulldogs are brave and will guard and defend their owner if they are threatened.

If you are looking for a full-time guard for your house, bulldogs are probably not the best choice. Yes, they do bark at strangers but if the stranger interacts nicely with them, they immediately become friendly. Bulldogs smell a lot and lick as well as chew on everything. But that’s all part of their charm!

Elvis The Bulldog Puppy Reads His Mom The Riot Actimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk3okpOqyEY

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