Little Puppy Meets Big Dog

In this video, you’ll see a tiny Chihuahua puppy and a huge Great Dane meeting for the first time. The puppy is so little she could be crushed if she was accidentally stepped on by the larger dog! But the Chihuahua was not at all intimidated by her new friend’s size. She fearlessly played with the Great Dane, jumping and looking quite excited.

The dog’s size is one of the most important things to consider if you are planning to buy or adopt a dog. Even the most perfect choice may turn out to be problematic if the dog is the wrong size for your living situation. Both have their pros and cons. Smaller breeds can easily adapt to an urban lifestyle, need less exercise and they can be easily carried around anywhere. But they can often be demanding, noisy and less obedient according to some studies. Larger breeds are good guard dogs, a lot easier to train and usually more accepting of children but since they are bigger, they eat more, need more space and exercise and veterinary care is more expensive.

The bigger the dog, the larger living area it needs. If you live in an apartment with limited space, getting a large dog is not ideal. Also, the dog’s energy level is important in determining the right size for you. You may find it easier to keep up with a small dog because a big dog requires more energy.

Okay, so you’re fine with large or small breeds but if you are living with other people, you also need to take into consideration their needs and comfort level as well. Some people are just not comfortable with living with a big dog inside the house while some find small dogs too troublesome. So it is important to ask all family members what they prefer.

Whatever size of puppy you intend to purchase, you can be certain that the newest member of your family will bring lots of love to your household.

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