English Bulldog Puppies Learning To Walk For The First Time

This is one adorable video of two English Bulldog puppies which are struggling and trying their best to walk for the first time. At a glance the viewers will somehow take pity on these puppies, as they look helpless and it seems like they don’t know what to do next. But I can’t help but admire their fighting spirit and perseverance to learn.

The white puppy is having difficulty getting up and even taking a few steps while the puppy with a brown shade looks like a fast learner as it was able to stand up on all four feet and walk a few steps even if it was sort of wobbling and not really walking properly.

English bulldog puppies require basic puppy care, however, because of some of their unique attributes, they also require a bit of special care. Feed it three times a day on a regular schedule for the first four months after arrival. At 6 months you can start to cut back to 2 times a day and at 12 months you can cut it to only once a day. Keep in mind that there are certain human foods that can make a dog sick or kill it so avoid the following: Avocados, chocolate, grapes, raisins, chives, onions, garlic, nuts and everything made from yeast doughs.

These puppies are very temperature sensitive. Be sure to keep your puppy cool enough in summer months. Any temperature of 90 degrees or above can be very dangerous. If you take your the puppy out during a hot day, be sure to wet it down, provide lots and lots of water to drink and keep a watchful eye for signs of distress. Make sure to understand your puppy’s special needs and it will be a loyal companion for years to come.

English Bulldog Puppies Learning To Walk For The First Timeimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV3CRAo7jEQ

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