Five Ways To Know Your Dog Loves You

Ever wondered if your dog loves you? Finally, you can know the answer after answering the following questions.

1. Does your dog cuddle with you after eating? – If your dog cuddles with you or shows affection in other ways after he’s done eating, this means you are more than just a source of food for him.

2. Where does your dog sleep? – If your dog likes to sleep with you at night or joins you for a nap while you are lounging on the couch, this means that there is a special connection between the two of you.

3. How does your dog react when you leave? – Dogs are pack animals who enjoy being with their family. If your pooch gives you gloomy look when you are about to go out, this is a sign that he wants to stick with you because he loves you.

4. How does your dog react when you come home? – If they jump on you once you arrive, that means that he can’t contain his happiness in seeing you again. This is already pretty strong proof!

5. Do you love your dog? – Love begets love. If you love your dog, he will surely love you in return. 🙂

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