Giant Dog Celebrates His Birthday

This video features Sebastian, a Newfoundland celebrating his birthday. His family baked him a cake which he happily devoured. He looks so cute with his birthday hat on! Sebastian clearly enjoyed his special day because he is surrounded by love. And has cake. 🙂

Newfoundlands are gigantic but are known for their gentle nature. Here are some facts about the breed:

1. Born to swim – These dogs have webbed paws and water resistant coats making them incredible swimmers.

2. Working dogs – Although they are always associated with water activities, Newfoundlands work on land as well. They haul wood, pull carts, deliver milk and even helped transport supplies and ammunition during World War 2.

3. Peter Pan’s Nana – Nana, the Darling’s faithful dog in the Disney classic Peter Pan is a Newfie!

4. The Landseer – The black and white varieties of the breed are known as Landseer Newfoundlands. They are named after the artist, Edwin Landseer who often featured Newfies in his paintings.

5. They slobber a lot! – They get warm due to their very dense coats which causes them to pant and drool.

6. These dogs are HUGE – Adult Newfies approximately weigh 130 to 150 pounds and are about 26 to 28 inches tall.

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