Which Is The Guilty Dog?

In this video the owner is conducting an interrogation on her three dogs. She is trying to identify which dog is guilty of making the mess.

When she first asked who did the mess all three dogs looked innocent and they whispered to each other trying to play as if they all did not know which one is the culprit. Then they looked away from their owner while wearing a sad face. They looked as they are deeply thinking and trying to recall which of them did the mess.

When their owner started naming and asking each of them, Cody, Murphy and Maggie all seemed innocent and did not even do any action that would indicate which of them is guilty. As the owner continued to probe insistently… one of them caved under the pressure, and slowly walked away and went inside its room. Well, now we know which dog is guilty!

The dogs in this video are of the American Water Spaniel breed. This breed is also recognized the Wisconsin State Dog – because they originated from Wisconsin, USA. They are one of the small number of breeds that came from the United States.

American Water Spaniels enjoy being the center of attention thus they have the tendency to be vocal at times. They are sometimes stubborn, aggressive and in terms of mental development, they mature slowly. They are hunting dogs, however, due to the work of some breeders, they are now more suitable for apartment life.

Which Is The Guilty Dogimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kLdO3EsECs

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