French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 Wks Old Brody Brixton

This video features an adorable Bulldog puppy named Brody. The 12-week old puppy is shown following orders from someone in the background, presumably a highly skilled dog trainer. This puppy is truly remarkable and he is a very sharp listener. Brody was instructed to sit and ring the bell which he does flawlessly. Another remarkable trick that the puppy did was to resist eating the food on the tray and when the trainer snapped her finger that was the only time that Brody ate the food.

This video is very entertaining and viewers are amazed with the quick wit and sharp senses of Brody. In fact, this video has gone viral having been viewed over six million times already.

Read on for some amazing facts about the French bulldog breed:

1. The French bulldog or Frenchie is the 9th most popular dog in America. They are friendly, affectionate and great companions but also very sensitive, so don’t yell at them. They respond well through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

2. This dog breed can’t swim because of its squat frame and bulbous head. Frenchies also have a hard time in mating because of their body size therefore most of these dogs are born through artificial insemination.

3. Frenchies are talkative although they don’t bark much. This dog breed creates its own language through yawns, yips and gargles and may even sing along with their owners.

French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 Wks Old Brody Brixton
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