German Shepherd Puppy Playing With Dad

This video shows a very energetic German Shepherd puppy trying to coax his dad to play with him. Papa dog ignored his puppy at first but ultimately gave in. Guess he just couldn’t resist his son’s charm! The father and son ran around, going after each other and at some point, Papa dog picks up a toy and lets the son go after it. The video is really entertaining. Viewers will get to see a glimpse of a father and son dog bonding as they run and go after each other in the living room.

German shepherds are famous for their superior intelligence and strength. They are curious which makes them excellent watch dogs. They are obedient and tend to become over-protective of their family and territory. German shepherds are working dogs. They have a lot of energy and need a way to burn it off. They demand daily walks and playtime. If they’re not properly exercised, they’ll often respond by being destructive, barking and running around wildly inside the house. If you own a German shepherd, make sure to play with him or her often. Check out this German Shepherd training page.

German shepherds aren’t so fond of strangers. Properly trained shepherds aren’t aggressive with strangers, but they make it known that they don’t want someone they’re not familiar with to cross into their territory. They may instinctively defend their owner’s territory if the owner is asleep and won’t hesitate to protect their owners if danger would arise.

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