German Shepherd Does Math (Amazing Dog Trick!)

There are a lot of tricks that you can teach your dog. It may take a few weeks or even months to train your dog to be successful in these tricks. Patience and consistency are two factors that help teach dogs a trick or two.

One of the amazing dog tricks we have seen here is “doing mathematics”. In the video, the German Shepherd Solea, shows us how to do the math. Of course the dog is really responding to the trainer’s cue.

The dog trainer asks a series of math questions and starts with asking Solea, “What’s 4-3?”, the dog responds with a bark. As a dog parent/owner, it’s important to note that before teaching your dog the “math trick”, he/she should know how to bark on a hand signal. Mark your hand signals when you want the dog to start barking and when he should stop.

Don’t forget positive reinforcements and giving food as a reward to your dog every time he/she gets it correct. You can accelerate your math teaching by making your hand signals gradually more subtle. But before advancing, assess first if your dog is ready to level up. You should be clear with communication to your dog when it comes to his response (barking) to your hand signals.

A more advanced way of teaching your dog the math trick is through eye contact. This can be used when you have a real solid communication with your dog. Don’t break your eye contact with your dog when you ask a math question. Break eye contact and look away when the dog gets the number of barks needed to answer the math question. More than just an amazing math trick, this also improves your communication with your dog.

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