How To Crate Train A Puppy

Celebrity dog trainer Zak George is working with 11-week old puppy Magnolia in this video, where he teaches how to crate train a puppy. The purpose of using a crate is to keep your puppies happy, safe, and trained.

It’s important to control a new puppy’s environment. It takes weeks and even months to train a dog and in this way, you can build up your communication and bonding with the new dog.

There are 3 ways you can control your new puppy’s environment. The basic and probably easiest way is having the dog on a leash. You can attach the end of the leash to yourself anytime you’re at home. The second way is by preparing a puppy area – designating perhaps a bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room. Last but not the least, a crate.

There is an advantage of using a crate in controlling your new dog’s environment. When used in moderation, the crate can help you in the overall training of your dog. A crate can give your dog a secure area to sleep. It can also help you to save your property from any dog accidents or destructive chewing. It can also assist in accelerating the time of house training your dog. However, Zak reminds us that not every dog would want to be in a crate. It’s up to you as an owner to be creative and make the crate an enjoyable and lovable place for the dog.

Zak also reminds you to get your dog sniffing around the crate before letting him in. Let your dog exercise first before leaving him inside the crate. Reward the dog with a food treat for his step going inside the crate. In general, don’t leave the dog inside the crate for more than 4 hours.

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