Everything You Need To Be Prepared For Your New Puppy

In this video, dog trainer Zak George shows us what we should know before a new puppy comes into our house. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with sudden needs and should have as much prepared as you reasonably can beforehand.

One of the first things you should prepare for your new puppy is his dog food. Make sure to buy a supply of that dog food in advance. If you’re planning to change the dog food, then you should do it gradually and set an interval before changing it. In this way, there is enough time for the dog to adjust to the new food. Also, it is vital for them to have their own bowls for food and water. These should also be wide and stable, of the kind that is harder for the pet to tip over.

The next thing that should be prepared is the dog’s crate or puppy play area. The most usual mistake that a dog owner makes is giving too much freedom to the pet early on his puppy days. The dog crate can help you control your new puppy with a limited space. This is also good for potty training.

Since you will not have all the time to look after your new puppy, it’s important to prepare a leash for him. The leash also helps the dog to avoid getting into bad situations at moments without your supervision. It is also important for the dog to have an ID tag with contact information in case the animal escapes or gets lost.

Prepare a variety of dog toys. These toys help in training, keep them active, and give them something to chew on that is ok for them to destroy! Prepare also a dog bed or blanket where they can sleep. These things will help your new puppy feel comfortable in your house and providing a happy, cosy environment for them will also create a bond with you.

Everything You Need To Be Prepared For Your New Puppy - WP
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