Dogs Are More Than Pets – They Are Family

This video features Charlie and his adorable interactions with his owner’s baby. Charlie is very gentle and patient even if the toddler is playing a bit too rough. This video is evidence that dogs and babies can live together – but just make sure to supervise them all the time.

For centuries, man and dog have formed a unique bond. The strong human-dog relationship is due to a very long symbiosis. In the past, dogs acted as human’s alarm systems, trackers, and hunting aides. In return, humans provide the dogs with food and security.

There are many theories why dogs are considered to be man’s best friends but recently, a research has found out that this connection is actually due to a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is produced in the brain and is associated with nurturing and attachment between human mothers and their babies. A group of dogs and their owners were brought together for the study and then each pair was made to interact alone in a room for 30 minutes. The researchers measured both human and canine levels of oxytocin before and after, and found that the levels had gone up significantly for both species.

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