GoPro On A German Shepherd Left Home Alone

This video features a German Shepherd dog going about its usual routines when it is left at home alone. The results give a fascinating insight into the mind and habitual behaviors of this animal.

Viewers can observe that the dog seemed restless and went from one room to another. It goes around the house to check if something is amiss. It also wanders around the house to take a look if there was anybody there. The dog also looks up at the door to see if its owners have arrived and then went back upstairs. It was a bit restless and seems like it was looking for someone to play with.

After a while, the dog went back downstairs and checked on the door, this time it is whining and hoping that someone comes back home soon. Maybe, it has really become tired of waiting. When finally the door opened, revealing the owners, the dog immediately became so excited and very happy!

Viewers can clearly see the excited yelps and sounds that the dog made, as he approached each of the family members, who in turn scratched his head.

German Shepherds are very effective watch/guard dogs and many people prefer them as pets. Here are other amazing facts about this dog breed:

1. This breed thrives on exercise and challenging activities.

2. They look stern and imposing which makes them effective deterrents against thieves and other bad people.

3. This breed is very intelligent, versatile and loyal. When well-trained and well-socialized, this breed can learn to do many things.

4. They tend to become aggressive with other animals and have the tendency to chase cats so it is best to socialize and train them well at a very young age.

5. Check out this German Shepherd training page.

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