Golden Retriever Puppies Growing Weeks 1-12

In this video we are able to witness the growth of Golden Retriever puppies from week 1 to week 12.

During their first week, they snuggle each other in order to keep warm. They are still unable to open their eyes and they also cannot walk yet. At week 2 to 4, they are able to see clearly and they can walk and move towards their mother in order to feed. They also love to snuggle close to each other when they sleep. When they reach week 5 to 11, they can move freely and energetically. They can already sleep even without snuggling. They still feed through their mother but they can also eat dog food already. At week 12, they will have grown several inches and gained a lot of weight. They tend to be very playful and attracted at anything that moves. They will catch and bite a moving mop thinking that it’s a toy.

Interesting facts about Golden Retrievers:

1. Golden Retrievers are large-sized dogs bred to become gun dogs which are meant to retrieve waterfowl like upland game birds and ducks during shooting and hunting parties.

2. They instinctively love the water.

3. Golden Retrievers are popularly known as disability assistance dogs. They are trained as guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for the deaf.

4. This breed can be trained to become detection, hunting or search and rescue dogs. Check out this Golden Retriever training page.

5. They are very smart as well as friendly and loyal to their owners.

6. There are three (3) types of Golden Retrievers:

a. British type

b. American type, and

c. Canadian type

7. Golden Retrievers are known for being kind, friendly and confident. Due to these traits they are not suited to become guard dogs as they tend to greet strangers joyously!

8. Their average life span is 11 to 12 years.

9. Some of the most popular Golden Retrievers are the following:

a. Liberty, President Gerald R. Ford’s presidential pet

b. Victory, President Ronald Regan’s presidential pet

c. Goldie, the Golden Retriever which appeared on the Blue Peter, a UK BBC One children’s show from 1978 to 1986.

d. Nigel, the Golden Retriever owned by Monty Don a presenter of the UK BBC Two gardening show entitled Gardener’s World. Nigel appeared with Monty Don on his show most of the time.

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