Natural Ear Infection Treatments For Dogs And Cats

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Ear infections are among the most common reasons why dogs and cats are taken to vets. Research revealed that 1 in every 15 cats visiting veterinary clinic suffers from ear infections. On the other hand, 1 out of 5 dogs brought to veterinarians are diagnosed with those infections. A healthy pair of ears are normally pale pink in color, with no debris, and odor. There should also be none to minimal amount of ear wax present. Otherwise, ear infections may be present.

Cats that are suffering from weak immune system, allergies, and diabetes may be very susceptible to ear infections. Studies further show that ear mites are the leading causes of ear infections in cats.

In canines, ear infections are often triggered by the overgrowth of yeast and bacteria in the ear canal. It can also be caused by frequent swimming and bathing, as well as improper cleaning methods. [1] It may be triggered by excessive hair in the ear canals, ear mites, and allergies. [2] Other common symptoms to look for may include yellow or black discharges, hearing loss, strong odor, disorientation, loss of balance, wax buildup, swelling of the ear canal. Cats don’t get ear infections easily, but when they do, it may become chronic which may even lead to facial paralysis and deafness. [3]

Prevention is still better than cure. Regular cleaning of ears is considered as one of the most effective ways in preventing the occurrence of these infections. The ears must be thoroughly checked for odor, residues, and redness. After swimming and bathing, the dogs ears must be dried carefully and thoroughly.

Once diagnosed, veterinarians usually prescribe antibiotics, anti-fungals, and anti-parasitics which may come in drop or ointment form. For those suffering from chronic infections, medications that would help reduce swelling are given.

However, some prefer to investigate natural treatment methods. For more detailed information about ear infections, how they are acquired, symptoms, ways of prevention, and natural treatment methods, please visit

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