List Of 20 Poisonous Plants For Dogs

List Of 20 Poisonous Plants For Dogs - WP
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We found a very interesting article that teaches us about poisonous plants and foods for our dogs. The effect of these poisons can range from a mild discomfort to a painful death. Sometimes, it depends on the quantity of the poison and the method on how the poison was acquired like injection, ingestion, and inhalation among others.

Poisons do not only affect humans – but the “poison list” for humans and dogs is not exactly the same. There are substances or plants that may pose poisonous threat to us but not to our pets. Conversely, there are also plants that are safe for us but not for our pets. Do you know that there are many toxic foods and plants for dogs? You may think that your chrysanthemum and hyacinth add some colors of sophistication to your house but to your dog, they could be dangerous.

Our dogs love to play outdoors–rolling there and sniffing here, barking at that and biting this. Did you know that the gorgeous daffodils and morning glories in our garden that are pleasant for our vision may not be all that pleasant for our dogs?

Most of us (if not all) love eating chocolates! This delicious food that most people love contains Theobromide, a cardiac stimulant. Theobromide can dilate blood vessels and stimulate the pumping action of the heart; thus, it can be helpful for persons who are suffering from elevated blood pressure. However, dogs tend to metabolize Theobromide rather slower compared to humans, and it is still not well known enough that they are highly susceptible to Theobromide poisoning – from as little as 50 grams (1.8 oz) of general chocolate.

There are general signs of poisoning that signal for a need to call the veterinarian. First aid or home remedies to poisoning – like charcoal and sodium sulfate – may also be administered in some instances, but you must be sure that you know the proper way to administer these substances.

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