How To Get Over A Fear Of Dogs

This video by the Wall Street Journal features the “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan providing tips on how to get over a fear of dogs. Lee Hawkins of the Wall Street Journal interviews Cesar as he personally sought consultation regarding his own fear of dogs. You can learn a lot of lessons from this video because Cesar breaks down and answers different situations on why people tend to get afraid of dogs.

Cesar explains one of the most typical situations, which is getting barked at by a dog from someone else’s house. He explains that there are different kinds of barking. Being a visitor basically makes you unfamiliar with the resident house dog. That dog may bark simply to let his owner know that another person has arrived. This is often the misconstrued situation for dog barking. A barking dog does not necessarily mean that it has ill-feelings towards a home guest. This is where a lot of people tend to get afraid of dogs. They treat this as a bad experience. Cesar essentially explains that you have to give a positive aura towards any dog and that the dog will be much more likely to respond positively to you.

Another important takeaway from the video is when Cesar sampled different situations wherein a person fully invades a dog’s personal space. Try flipping roles, what if someone tries to do that to you? What if someone gets too overexcited in front of your face even if you haven’t met that person? The usual response is that you will get annoyed. This goes the same for dogs. Of course they need to have their own “personal” space too.

Cesar demonstrates how to properly approach a dog the right way. He states that submissive dogs are the best dogs for people with fear of them. People who are afraid of dogs are not ready for overexcited, hyperactive dogs, or dogs that have been traumatized or already have aggressive tendencies. A calm dog that is more stable can help you overcome your fears. Cesar also demonstrates a calm body language as he interacts with the dog.

Another great lesson from this video is the idea of mutual respect. A person who loves dogs actually understands dogs. Cesar reiterates that you have to act natural when approaching a dog. He samples a warm and tender interaction with the dog. The dog will feed off of this energy. If you approach a dog with tension, it will respond to you with tension. If you feed a positive energy towards your dog it will come back. Cesar also points out that a dog values honesty, integrity, and loyalty. And he highlights these as the fundamentals of every relationship in the world.

This is definitely an awesome and helpful video from the Wall Street Journal! Cesar Millan stating facts and real-life situations and providing tips from experience is incredible!

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