How To Crate Train A Puppy Humanely

This video by Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution tackles one of the most important aspects of dog training. Being able to teach your puppy proper potty training at an early stage is highly crucial – for obvious reasons! You definitely want your dog to become more disciplined in this way as soon as possible…

To start off, you should have a clear mindset in terms of perspective. You can’t blame your dog if it does not understand where to “do its business”. This is where you factor in. You are responsible to teach that, especially during the early stages of your dog’s life. It really gets very easy to get frustrated but this should be one emotion that you should try to avoid while continuing this type of dog training. A lot of people get this wrong and there is still a lot of erroneous belief regarding this aspect of dog training. You should have a positive outlook and avoid scolding or punishing your dog in the process.

Getting your dog familiarized with the crate is one important step because your dog needs to still feel comfortable in it even if it gives them less space. Avoid picking your dog up then placing it inside the crate. Keep in mind that the goal here is to let your dog go inside voluntarily. The crate should serve as an ideal place to be in and your dog should want to be in there. The best location of the crate is inside your bedroom and near your bed. By being able to see you nearby especially at night, this will lessen the stress of the dog as it adapts to the new environment. As a general rule, the maximum length of stay of a dog inside the crate is computed by one hour multiplied to the month of age. So for example, a four month old dog should only last until four hours inside the crate at a time.

When it comes to taking your dog out to go potty, you can opt to train it by going out every hour. Even if your dog does not need to potty yet, it is best that you make it comfortable outside and not feel rushed when it’s time to do its thing. Always put your dog on a leash as you go outside and try to bring treats as well. As soon as your dog does its business in the right place, reward it with treats and praise it verbally.

The best takeaway from this video is setting up your dog for success. The video is also very helpful because the trainer is very easy to understand and provides so many tips for viewers. This is probably one of the best videos out there because everything is clear, a dog owner can easily relate, and the tips are very helpful!

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