How To Get Your Unfocused Dog To Pay Attention

This video by Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution is one of the most important trainings that your dog must have. If you had to choose between commands, this should be among the ones on top of your list.

In the training, Zak the trainer chose Jacob the Pit bull. The trainer chose this dog extremely well because he wanted to showcase that even the most hyperactive dogs can learn to focus and listen right away.

When it comes to high energy dogs, you need to budget a lot of time for training. It’s more rewarding in the end though because if you successfully train a more challenging dog, you eventually grow as an owner/trainer as well. These types of dogs provide some kind of extra challenge but once you overcome it, undisciplined dogs become easier to train for you.

In the video, Zak starts out by performing the training indoors. The reason behind it is because dogs will less likely be distracted inside than outside of the house. He also reiterates the importance of eye contact with your dog. It is much easier to perform training if you can communicate with your dog eye to eye. To help you with this, you can go for a treat and place it near your eye. Once your dog follows it and looks you in the eye, give the treat as a reward. This will develop his ability to perform eye contact with you. You can eventually remove the treat and just utilize your hand and place it near your eye.

The next step that the trainer presented was teaching the dog to leave the treat alone on the floor for a considerable amount of time. Of course, in the beginning, a hyperactive dog will immediately pounce on the treat. The trainer started by placing a treat on the palm of his hands and when the dog started to go for it, he closes his hand so that the dog won’t get it right away. Once the dog leaves it alone, the trainer then gives the treat as a form of reward. He eventually enhanced the training by dropping the treat on the floor and commanding the dog to leave it alone. You will notice the dog’s progress as it improves in its patience and eventually leaving the treat alone until the release command is provided.

The actual core of the training happens when Zak combines the two commands of ‘leave it alone’ and ‘look at me’. After Jacob the Pit bull gets to accomplish the combination of both commands, Zak then decides to take the training outside. Keep in mind that there are a lot more distractions outside so it is best that you reiterate the steps of the command to your dog.

This video is a great example because Jacob the pit bull really seemed to be a very high energy dog yet Zak successfully trained it to focus and listen. There are so many great takeaways from this video. It’s definitely a must watch!

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